S2 - Delwith Launched

Time : 2017-02-26 21:04
Hello Heroes!
Great News for all of you!

Dragonslayer Alliance S2

Dragonslayer Alliance will open the new server - S2 Delwith on UTC-5 08:30 AM Feb. 25.2017

Download the game at:

Call all of your friends , join the battle!
A new legend will begin the moment you join the Dragonslayer Alliance.

There are plentiful activities and surprises waiting for you to explore!
We look forward to your participation!

New Server: Dragonslayer Alliance
Launch Time: UTC-5 08:30 AM Feb. 25.2017

For more details please visit of Facebook Fan page!

Dragonslayer Alliance Group
Feb. 24 2017
Dragonslayer Alliance

Dragonslayer Alliance is an epic fantasy RPG, containing more than 30 legendary heroes with their unique splendid skills and troops! Collect heroes and work out your own best formation to save the war-ridden world and slay the ferocious dragons! Feel the thrill you have never experienced before, with only a few simple touches on the screen! What’s more, fierce arena battles and amazing expedition adventures are all waiting for you! Just join the Dragonslayer Alliance now!